Choosing A Golf Club Travel Case

The week long golf trip you have wanted to take for years is finally going to happen, and you cannot wait. Whether you are going to Florida, the Carolina’s, Arizona, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Bandon, or Hawaii, it is going to be a great trip. One of the things to consider as your prepare for this par filled adventure (remember you are still at par at this point) is how to best pack your prized clubs for traveling. The purpose of this article is to review different types of golf club travel cases and point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

There are basically three types of travel cases. Soft sided, hard sided, and all-in-one travel bags and then within each type there is a broad range of features and prices. Once you decide which type is right for you, choose that which provides the features you want within your budget.

All-In-One Travel Cases. These cases are both regular golf bags, ideally for use with a motorized golf cart or push cart and feature a regular golf bag at the bottom, with a hard cover that latches on to protect the club heads. These are not bags that you would want to carry, as they are generally going to be heavier. These offer excellent club protection, however the there no real protection provided to the bag portion of the case as it is exposed. The advantages are that you really don’t have to store a travel case when it is not in use since it can serve as a regular golf bag. Another advantage is when it used when not traveling, it provides greater club protection that a regular stand or cart bag out of the travel case. These bags tend to work very well for people who travel and play frequently, and when playing at home tend to use a golf cart.

Soft Sided Travel Cases. Soft sided travel cases are generally made of denier nylon or heavy canvas like material, are light weight and offer various degrees of club protection. Lower priced cases generally do not provide any padded or reinforced protection at the top for the club heads. If one of the less expensive bags, you can still achieve good club head protection by wrapping spare clothing (sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.) around the club heads. The advantages of the soft sided travel cases are: 1) require significantly less storage space when not in use while traveling or at home (most even come packaged in sturdy boxes that can be used for storing the case); 2) lightweight; 3) wide variety to choose from; 4) most are roomy enough to pack additional gear (shoes, foul weather gear, etc) in them as well.

Hard Sided Travel Cases: Made of fiberglass or fiberglass like resin, most hard sided cases are will provide maximum protection for your clubs. These are made with some type of foam padding at the top to provide even greater club head protection. The down side is they take up a lot of space when traveling or stored at home. I have also seen cases that have cracked from rough handling by luggage crews, and while most manufacturers have warranties covering this type of damage, it can make the flight home difficult.

One other note on travel cases. While there is nothing wrong with name brand cases marketed by club manufacturers, they really don’t provide any more protection than cases provided by independent manufacturers, yet they can cost $100 or more. Personally, I think this $100 or more could be put to a better use, like a new putter.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article gives some help in selecting your new golf travel case. We hope you have a great trip.

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Vacation on the Cheap With Wholesale Travel

Everyone enjoys a break from the routine dull drums of every day living. Taking a well-deserved trip is one of life’s greatest adventures that can bring families closer together and lift up your spirits. Regrettably, for the average family vacations are not only expensive but and makes adventurous getaways impractical. By taking advantage of wholesale travel packages you can set out on a ship cruise, relax and enjoy the best hotels, and take advantage of low priced flights that your colleagues will admire with envy.

Wholesale travel deals can present a variety of vacation extravaganzas. Enjoy a wonderful respite at a five star resort, luxury vacation homes either with a time-share or privately owned properties, or even a peaceful coastal beach hotel. Understanding the tourism industry and maintaining flexibility in your travel schedule are important to experiencing great wholesale travel vacations.

Wholesale travel packages take advantage of the more idle vacation time of the year and book blocks of rooms to get the best rates. Typically, when you call a resort for room rates, you’ll most probably be given the standard regular retail rates. These are the non-discounted rates that a resort will offer during peak vacation season when the resort is fully. But in reality, resorts are rarely fully booked and the rooms are no longer at a premium. When a room has not been sold for one night it translates profit loss for the resort. So many resorts will readily take advantage of wholesale vacation packages just to fill the vacant rooms knowing most likely that their visitors will be spending on other items and services like room service, restaurant meals, and the gift shop souvenirs that will benefit the resort.

In the tourism industry the same situation can be found for cruise liners. The cruise ship will sail when the capacity half full or half empty with passengers. It is in the best interest of the cruise line to take advantage of wholesale travel packages in order to fill up all the rooms prior to the ship leaving port.

It is much the same with other vacation packages and other types of destinations. This is why wholesale travel is feasible in almost all types of vacations and destinations. There are a few things to be aware of when purchasing wholesale travel packages and important factors to consider when you are researching of these types of getaways.

The voucher system may be used by some wholesale travel operators. It is more than likely that some vouchers have an expiration date. Prior to committing to purchasing a wholesale vacation package, make sure you find out how soon the vouchers expire, and that the company will lengthen the time of the vouchers and offer a low fee for renewal.

If you would like to transfer your vouchers to a family member or a friend be sure to select a wholesale travel company that allows transfer of vouchers. A few companies do prohibit customers to transfer their vouchers to anyone who did not buy the vacation package.

In using wholesale vacation packages it is understood that the vacation time is during off peak holiday time during the year. This is what makes these wholesale vacation packages a cheaper and viable alternative to other vacation packages. There are restrictive as regards to what time of the year that you can vacation and you cannot expect to choose a popular vacation spot during the seasonal peak periods. But by ensuring your timing coincides with the travel date limitations presented by the company prior to making a commitment to a wholesale travel package, the opportunities for an adventurous vacation is outstanding.

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